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How You Can Help

In-Person Meetings

Our field team will come out to your chosen location (wearing all protective equipment, as guided by the CDC), bring all the supplies needed, and make the ask for you to your employees/members! All we need from you is a time and location for us to make the ask. 

Video / Phone Call

We will provide the link of your choice to the conference call to you so you can share with your team members. We'll have a brief conversation with your team/members and make the ask! All you need to let us know is when works best for you and your team. 

Social Media / Email

If you choose to let us post on your social media or send out an email on our behalf, we will provide you with all the resources for you to push out. This includes the wording, logos, pictures, when and how many times to post. All we ask is that you keep us updated on where the information will be posted or sent to.

Please fill out the following form with as much detail as possible. One of our field specialists will contact you within 24-48hrs. 
NOTE: We will provide everything needed and be present at any briefing to help your members or employees complete the census. 
How can we contact your members or employees to complete the Census: (select all that apply)




  • Increase of $80 million for our community over the next 10 years.

  • Gain more Local, State, and Federal representation.

  • Your household completing the census adds $70 thousand for our community over the next 10 years.


  •  Schedule an In-Person Meeting

  • Schedule a Video or Phone Call

  • Post on your Social Media Channels

  • Send an Email Out 

Benefits to Taking the Census

Having an accurate Census count is important. Our funding, representation and redistricting are at stake. An undercount could cost us $80 million+ in federal and state funding, 1-2 seats in the Tennessee General Assembly, and a potential removal of District 32 (Collierville) from Shelby County.

Census data helps the federal government determine Federal spending for the Midsouth. This includes programs for Medical Assistance, infrastructure projects, workforce innovation and opportunity act (WIOA) allocations, housing and more.

A benefit to completing the Census now or having your employees or members complete it within the next few weeks is that you avoid the federal government sending field workers door-to-door. This is a much easier and safer option for all involved.